What a ride the last year and a half have been! 

From what was a casual text message about an idea, to a full blown product line. Emily & I, are thrilled to share our joy of beer for dogs with other dog lovers! 

We would love to thank everyone who have encouraged us along the way! 

Thank you 

Becky Trussel
Maria Sturm
Kelly Sturm
Cody Cooper
Lora Tilson
Kate Rider
Catie Cox
Marsha Christopher
Rebekah Poston
Jennifer Skiba
Heather Skiba
Lauren Love
Lenida Bond
Taren Stanton
Sara Murphy
Tiffany Carrell
Angelique Naylor
Alex Beyer
David aka Jimmy
Casey Strong
Paul Keller
and more!

We love you and we thank you! None of this would be possible without you!